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Early Literacy In the News

In Sacramento, Literacy is Still a Giant Hurdle to Achieving Equality for All | The Sacramento Bee Commentary

Darryl White, Sr. (Chair of the Black Parallel School Board) pens an opinion piece outlining how early literacy is the gateway to liberation for Black students in Sacramento and beyond years after the Emancipation Proclamation. 

Getting California Kids to Read: What Will it Take? | EdSource

Roundtable discussion with Megan Potente (DDCA Co-State Director), Kareem Weaver (FULCRUM Co-Founder), Claude Goldenberg (Nomellini & Olivier Professor of Education Emeritus at Stanford University), Penny Schwinn (Former TN Education Commissioner), Martha Hernandez (Californians Together ED), and David B. Goldberg (CTA President). 

To Improve How California Students Read, We Must Get Past Confusion and Misinformation | EdSource

Commentary by literacy expert Claude Goldenberg, debunking myths about the research behind the science of reading. 

LAUSD Rolls Out Science of Reading and Training as California Lawmakers Reject Curriculum Mandate | The 74

LAUSD Superintendent Carvalho outlines the strategy and implementation plan behind aligning all elementary reading instruction with the science of reading. 

For Immediate Release: AB 2222 Will Not Be Heard

Speaker Rivas and Assembly Education Committee Chair Muratsuchi have announced that AB 2222 will not be heard during this legislative cycle

If Newsom Truly Follows the Science, Why Not Adopt the 'Science of Reading' in California Schools? | CalMatters 

CalMatters commentary by Dan Walters on the dire need for an evidence-based approach to literacy instruction. 

Bill to Mandate Science of Reading in California Classrooms Dies | EdSource

Statements from Speaker Rivas, Assembly Education Committee Chair Muratsuchi, and Assemblymember Rubio on the future path for early literacy reform in California

Reading is a Right, and We Must Fight to Protect It | Sacramento Observer

Commentary by CA/HI NAACP President Rick L. Callender on how AB 2222 aligns with the organization's priorities

All Students--Including English learners--Deserve to Learn to Read | LA Daily News

Commentary by Families In School's CEO Yolie Flores on how AB 2222 supports English learners

Why Universal Screening for Reading Difficulties Without the Science of Reading is Futile | LA School Report

Commentary by Darla O'Leary, educator in the Capistrano Unified School District and adjunct professor at Vanguard University

4 in 10 Third-Grade Students Reading at Grade Level in California | Spectrum News 1

IInterviews with an LAUSD parent, Assemblywoman Rubio, and EdVoice CEO Marshall Tuck on California's early literacy crisis

Science of Reading Will Help Students | The Mercury News

Letter to the Editor by Palo Alto Unified Superintendent of Schools Don Austin on how the science of reading brought about transformational change in his district

Should California mandate that all schools adopt the science of reading? | EdSource Education Beat Podcast

Assemblywoman Rubio discusses the need for an evidence-based approach to early literacy in California's classrooms

English Learners, Too, Would Benefit From Fixing How We Teach Reading in CA | EdSource

Commentary by Nomellini & Olivier Professor of Education, emeritus, in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University

CA Legislation Would Mandate Phonics-Based Reading Instruction Requirements | AirTalk with Larry Mantle

Assemblywoman Rubio speak to the importance of a comprehensive approach to early literacy instruction.

New bill looks to combat California's literacy crisis | ABC 7

An overview of the science of reading and its potential impact on California students.

New Legislation Aims to Close California's Early Reading Gap | Ed 100

Decoding Dyslexia CA Co-State Director Lori DePole's commentary on the current reading crisis and using the science of reading research as a path forward.

Reversing local control, legislation would mandate how to teach reading in California | EdSource

Outlines the legislative details of AB 2222.

Why California might mandate the 'science of reading' in all schools | CalMatters

Describes the purpose and potential impact of AB 2222. 

For Immediate Release: New Legislation Aims to Close CA's Early Literacy Reading Gap 

Assemblywoman Rubio’s early legislation bill (AB 2222) calls for an evidence-based approach to teaching children how to read. 

Solving California's Early Literacy Crisis is a Social Justice Imperative | EdSource

Op-Ed penned by Megan Potente (Co-State Director of Decoding Dyslexia CA) and Marshall Tuck (EdVoice CEO) on the importance of passing comprehensive early literacy policies grounded in the Science of Reading. 

California should follow Mississippi's lead on reading instruction | EdSource Commentary

Op-Ed penned by David Wakelyn (Upswing Labs consultant) in favor of AB 2222's approach to evidence-based early literacy instruction.

California should not tolerate having so many children struggling to read | CalMatters Commentary

Compares CA NAEP reading scores to other states that have implemented comprehensive, evidence-based early literacy policy reform. 

Editorial: The Science of Reading Works. California Should Require It | LA Times 

Los Angeles Times Editorial Board advocates for requiring standards for literacy instruction based in the Science of Reading.

Parents have a powerful role in improving literacy education | EdSource

Op-Ed penned by Yolie Flores (Families In Schools President & CEO)  about their Read LA! Literacy and Justice for All campaign calling on LAUSD to fully implement a science of reading approach to early literacy instruction. 

Too Many California Kids Can't Read. Phonics Alone May Not Be the Fix | Christian Science Monitor

Reporter Jackie Valley visits a school in Lancaster, CA that has seen positive successes with the implementation of the science of reading in their classrooms

New Bill Would Require Phonics-Based Reading Instruction in California | Times of San Diego

"If we have research and evidence that shows us that there is a more effective way to teach students how to read, why would we not embrace those practices?" - EdVoice Chief Policy & Advocacy Officer Heather Calomese

CA Kids Learning to Read May Finally Get Hooked on Phonics | KCRW

"Whether or not [AB 2222] passes, Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Alberto Carvalho says all the district's schools will be teaching the science of reading by the start of the 2024-25 academic year." - Reporter Robin Estrin

How AB 2222 Aims to Overhaul the Way Students Learn How to Read | CBS News Los Angeles

Interview with Principal Brad Rumble of Esperanza Elementary School in LAUSD on the benefits of the science of reading for his English learner students.

60% of California's Third-Graders Can't Read. Here's One Legislator's Plan to Fix That | The Modesto Bee

"This bill will help prepare teachers. No one wants to be in a job that they don't feel good at." - Decoding Dyslexia Co-State Director and former educator, Megan Potente.

NAACP, Children's Defense Fund and Other State-Wide Advocacy Organizations Join in Support of Assemblywoman Rubio's AB 2222 | Official Press Release from the Office of Assemblywoman Rubio

"We must prioritize equitable access to opportunity for children by ensuring they can read. This is not just an education issue, it's a social justice issue." - NAACP CA/HI President Rick Callender

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